Bioviz’s manufacturing facility is situated in Genome Valley, Shamirpet, Hyderabad. The GMP compliant facility is spread around 40,000 sq.ft. and functions as a multi-product manufacturing unit.

The products derived from human blood plasma are useful for critical care and for treatment and management of diseases.

Plasma fractionation is a large-scale production process used to prepare an important class of protein products which are potential therapeutic options to treat, manage or prevent life-threatening conditions resulting from immunological disorders, congenital plasma protein deficiencies, infections and trauma. The main plasma products include Intravenous Immunoglobulin G (IVIG), Human Albumin, Human Coagulation factors such as Factor VIII, Factor IX, Fibrinogen and Thrombin.

Bioviz has a state-of-the-art cGMP compliant plasma fractionation facility with good infrastructure at Shamirpet, Hyderabad with a sophisticated formulation fill-finish facility to support the annual capacities.

Bioviz operates through a multifunctional platform of safe and sustained plasma collection, end to end chromatography processing, an expert team of scientists working to deliver the products in compliance with the best industry standards. We focus on immunotherapy and critical care.

Plasma collection is performed in highly controlled environments by professionally trained staff. This allows us to maintain very high standards of quality and safety for the medications we produce. We have rigorous plasma safety and Quality standards that include careful plasma source evaluation and screening, highly regulated handling and tracking processes combined with the best and latest techniques in manufacturing processes.

High end chromatography methods are used to fractionate these therapeutic proteins from plasma. Viral safety is ensured by the incorporation of multiple orthogonal viral inactivation and removal steps in the process.

Biosimilars market is driven by increased incidence and prevelance of chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases

Bioviz has a modern R&D centre with highly skilled technical expert team poised to deliver quality biosimilars with high efficacy and safety in compliance with global standards.

Our strong pool of dedicated scientists develops unique clones and breakthrough technology to manufacture high yields of quality biosimilars to cater patient needs at affordable pricing.

Delivering the quality products from bench to bed using first in class single use systems in upstream and downstream processing from our integrated biosimilars manufacturing facility.

Our in-house process and product development team work round the clock to create mAbs using novel approaches. Presently our team is working on various newer generation mAbs.

Bioviz owns the manufacturing license of Erythropoietin with the trade name EPOREC TM. Bioviz is one in the 5 manufacturers in India to hold this license.

Since the dawn of civilization, traumatic injuries have been a challenge facing people throughout the world. However, despite the advancements made through the ages, trauma still remains a leading cause of human morbidity and mortality.

Acute bleeding accounts for about 50% of battlefield deaths in conventional warfare, and for 30% of casualties who die from wounds. In spite of the varying mechanisms of injury, for several reasons, haemorrhage still remains the primary cause of preventable death in combat and civilian trauma situations.

Hemostatic agents can play a key role in the emergency control of haemorrhage following various types of trauma and will decrease the associated mortality and morbidity.

Bioviz Technologies holds strong Intellectual Property in medical device development pertaining to Hemostasis and Wound Healing. We are currently developing various hemostasis medical devices.

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