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Success Chronicles
Thanks to our market-led strategies and research competencies, we have achieved noteworthy market traction for our products and services and our way of work. A brief over-view of our success track record so far -
  • Strong player in Nephrology segment with complete product palette.
  • Significant inroads made in the Oncology segment.
  • Launch of First Biosimilar version of Pegylated Interferon Alfa 2b in India. High impact launch in Gastroenterology Segment.
  • Plans to foray into Neurology segment and Wound care segment.
  • Product registrations initiated in various countries worldwide.
At Bioviz our focus is to scale further pinnacles in the continuous quest to offer an extended product and services palette while ensuring that our offerings are world-class in both quality and cost-effectiveness. Our immediate focus is to go from strength to strength and entrench our presence in the market by understanding their requirements better and endeavoring to meet the same with aggressive timelines.
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